Build a Better Future With Predictive Analytics

Once Patira has arrived at actionable results to accomplish short-term business goals, we can then look toward the future. This is a growing sector of our company because many of our clients are focused on the current, day-to-day operation of their businesses, but also would like better understandings of what may happen tomorrow. These business forecasting services are accomplished through predictive analytics.


Predictive Modeling

Let us predict the future by slicing through your data and visualizing what's to come. We extract key trends and associations that will help tell your data story in a visual and illustrative way by using:

• Pictures • Graphs • Charts • Maps •  Summary Tables

Customer Behavior

Perhaps you have a firm grasp on what your business will be able to do well in the future, but understanding consumers can be less certain. For this, we assist clients in creating statistical models that forecast probabilities and trends of future customer behavior.

Actionable Results

Once everything has been studied, we will arrive at a cohesive and concise way forward. We create presentation-ready results to immediately implement your plan, share with a client, and more. This process saves your organization time and money.

Analytics Projects

• Financial Analytics

1. Predictive sales analytics
2. Customer profitability analytics
3. Product profitability analytics
4. Cash flow analytics
5. Value driven analytics
6. Other financial analytics

• Market Analytics

1. Unmet need analytics
2. Demand focusing
3. Market trend analytics
4. Competitor analytics
5. Pricing analytics
6. Other market analytics

• Customer Analytics

1. Customer satisfaction analytics
2. Web analytics
3. Customer segmentation analytics
4. Social media analytics
5. Competitor analytics
6. Other customer analytics

• Operational Analytics

1. Fraud detection analytics
2. Environmental impact analytics
3. Supply chain analytics
4. Core competency analytics
5. Capacity utilization analytics
6. Other operational analytics

• Employee Analytics

1. Capability analytics
2. Employee performance analytics
3. Capacity analytics
4. Recruitment channel analytics
5. Leadership analytics
6. Other employee analytics

• Medical and healthcare analytics

1. Health outcome analysis
2. Health value and cost analysis
3. Customer insights
4. Risk management
5. Quality and safety
6. Mining information from clinical text data
7. Other medical and healthcare analytics

• Contract Research, Statistical and Biostatics services

1. Experimental design
2. Descriptive data analysis
3. Survey data analysis
4. Inference data analysis
5. Multivariate data analysis
6. Statistical consulting
7. Other data analysis

Patira Data Science Partners:

AB Consultants

AB Consultants

Penthouse, Nivina Towers
Westlands Road, Nairobi
P.O. Box 4067 - 00200

IPerformance Africa

IPerformance Africa

Kenya: ihub East Africa, Waiyaki Way
P.O. Box 4088-00100
Tel: 0722 163 053

Uganda: 7th Floor Course View Towers, Plot 21, Yusuf Lule Road
P.O. Box 27213
Kampala Cell:+256 703 422026

RK Logo

Richard Kublik


 “Patira Data Science is the right firm for our innovative healthcare technology.  Their Data Scientist is remarkably talented in the field of predictive modeling and statistical analysis.  He is very professional and the outcome of the model is accurate.  I am very impressed by his work and diligence.  I'm also eager to continue working closely with Patira Data Science to develop the subsequent iterations of our application.  I highly recommend Patira Data Science for artificial intelligence programming and custom predictive modeling development.”

Joseph Allen Jr. President

Concord Medical Technology Corporation, Greater San Diego Area

Patira Data Science and AB Consultants offered a two-day training in BREAKING THE BARRIERS IN INSURANCE. Topics covered were Data science and analytics, Product Design, Market Research, and InsurTech and global trends.

Testimonials from one of the participants:

"Disruptions! Disruptions! Disruptions! This is a term I have heard in every conference I have attended this year. The big question is... Are you going to disrupt or are you going to get disrupted? As a Millennial, I am quite excited about bringing change to traditional businesses. It's no longer the era of pushing products to customers, neither is it the era of selling Boardroom designed products. Today's customers know what they want, and if you don't give them that, a Start Up somewhere will. With Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. You really have no reason to sit and wait for the " Future ", because the "Future" is now !!! Use technology to understand your customers and give them what they want, not what you want them to have."

Emma Okere
Kenbright Actuarial and Financial Services