Data Scientists Achieving Actionable Results

As a data science company, Patira understands that developing a clear marketing strategy begins by asking the right questions. These questions are answered by thoroughly collecting, reviewing, and analyzing your data to uncover opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

Our services can drive sales and help with marketing efforts for many types of businesses, including manufacturers, stores, insurance companies, and more. We can aid data and marketing departments within your company or be the sole provider of these services if you don't have these resources. People come to us because we will gain a good understanding of your needs.

Our Process

By compiling extensive spreadsheets, graphs, and figures to highlight areas of success, our company can help you improve, suggesting ways to move forward for a successful future. You can choose whether we present this information in person or via a report.

Graphic Sheet

Data Observation

Data Mining

Our business uses data mining tools to help companies determine relationships among internal factors, such as price, product positioning, and staff skills. We also consider several external factors, such as economic indicators, competition, and customer demographics. By using this process to determine impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and profits, we can boil everything down to summary information, which allows us to view detailed transactional data.

Customized Reporting

Depending on your specific business, we can utilize different ways of arriving at quantitative and qualitative data. These methods include, but are not limited to:

• Surveys
• Observation
• Usage Data 

• Tracer Studies
• Exported Data From Software Programs

Data Processing

If you have access to your own data but don't understand how to apply it, or just need it cleaned, formatted, or summarized, we can help. Data processing can assist with:

• Descriptive, Predictive, & Prescriptive Analytics
• Text Mining
• Fraud Analytics
• Survey Data Analysis & Reporting
• Advanced Statistical Methods
• Machine Learning

Patira Data Science Partners:

AB Consultants

AB Consultants

Penthouse, Nivina Towers
Westlands Road, Nairobi
P.O. Box 4067 - 00200

IPerformance Africa

IPerformance Africa

Kenya: ihub East Africa, Waiyaki Way
P.O. Box 4088-00100
Tel: 0722 163 053

Uganda: 7th Floor Course View Towers, Plot 21, Yusuf Lule Road
P.O. Box 27213
Kampala Cell:+256 703 422026

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Richard Kublik


 “Patira Data Science is the right firm for our innovative healthcare technology.  Their Data Scientist is remarkably talented in the field of predictive modeling and statistical analysis.  He is very professional and the outcome of the model is accurate.  I am very impressed by his work and diligence.  I'm also eager to continue working closely with Patira Data Science to develop the subsequent iterations of our application.  I highly recommend Patira Data Science for artificial intelligence programming and custom predictive modeling development.”

Joseph Allen Jr. President

Concord Medical Technology Corporation, Greater San Diego Area

Patira Data Science and AB Consultants offered a two-day training in BREAKING THE BARRIERS IN INSURANCE. Topics covered were Data science and analytics, Product Design, Market Research, and InsurTech and global trends.

Testimonials from one of the participants:

"Disruptions! Disruptions! Disruptions! This is a term I have heard in every conference I have attended this year. The big question is... Are you going to disrupt or are you going to get disrupted? As a Millennial, I am quite excited about bringing change to traditional businesses. It's no longer the era of pushing products to customers, neither is it the era of selling Boardroom designed products. Today's customers know what they want, and if you don't give them that, a Start Up somewhere will. With Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence etc. You really have no reason to sit and wait for the " Future ", because the "Future" is now !!! Use technology to understand your customers and give them what they want, not what you want them to have."

Emma Okere
Kenbright Actuarial and Financial Services