Conducted training needs assessment among Muni lecturers

Trained lecturers at Muni University Online using "Zoom" in Statistics, GIS, data capture, and management, Bioinformatics, and Data Science.

Conducted a curriculum review

Developed Business Analytics curriculum for data analysis.

Facilitated two trainings in data analysis using Microsoft Excel and R/RStudio.

Reviewed the information collected by the IDI bioinformatician/trainee on the existing biorepository from the different research protocols housed at IDI, to provide an informed strategy on how these can be harnessed to support the IDI Bioinformatics ACE.

Met with in-house principal investigators to highlight/emphasize the existing potential for bioinformatics work from their respective studies, and these included IDI PIs working in TB, PK, Kaposis’ Sarcoma, Emerging diseases, Kasangati research team, Cryptoccocal Meningitis research group, Academy, Outreach and many others.

Met with key institutions and personnel for engagement in discussions that will foster collaboration and business opportunities for bioinformatics services by ACE. These included but was not limited to the following; COCIS, Prof. Joloba, IDRC, USCF, MUJHU, UCI. Discussions on possibility of developing a biobank repository at IDI will be sought.

Met with IDI Core Lab to understand synergies - including a special meeting specifically with proposed mass spectrometry team, possibility of acquiring a Sequencer for commercial services etc.

Met with Training department to identity short course opportunities to leverage the virtual reality training module at the IDI ACE. This was another potential for income generation, as IDI partners with several national universities to support medical students.

Developed a concept on proposed strategies for development of the IDI ACE targeting future grant applications.

Met IDI statistics and datafax teams for identification of possible use of IDI clinical data in analysis using machine Learning and big data techniques, using R software etc.

Presented at the IDI Bioinformatics Interest Group.

Wrote a final technical report.